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Alpharetta Pet Solutions

Although most carpets that we clean are no problem to us, we occasionaly run into a pet stain that requires more attention than a regular clean. This is why we offer our Pet stain and odor cleaning service.

We all love our pets but occasionally they have accidents. When these problems are not addressed quickly, you can end up with some unpleasant odors that are very difficult to remove. That’s when you need an odor removal expert. Professional Carpet Systems has the know-how and professional products to remove complex odor problems at their source. As long as there is no continuing contamination from a source (Pet or other source) we can guarantee permanent removal. This may require several steps to attain but it usually is worth the investment, given the alternative of complete carpet replacement. By the way, if the substrate is not properly treated even complete replacement may not remove the odors. 

The treatment is applied as a pre-spray prior to the cleaning process, and an enzyme is applied after completion of the cleaning process. Our pet enzyme is a bacterial/enzyme product that safely removes urine and feces stains and odor from carpet and upholstery by bacterial digestion. All treatments used are children and pet safe.


Why not have your whole house smell fresh and odor free? Our general purpose deodorizer is made to remove those odors that build up deep within our carpets and make them smell spring fresh again! We use IICRC approved chemicals for odor treatment. Upon request we will spray different fragrances.

Heavy Duty Deodorizing for persistent odor problems

Pet, kids, and other causes sometimes create persistent odor problems that need extra attention. This product attacks odor problems at their source.

Special Pet problem deodorizing service

Most of us have them, and no matter how careful we are sometimes accidents happen. When they do … you’ll need this treatment to cure the resulting problem.

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