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Alpharetta Leather Cleaning

Leather needs regular care to retain its moisture and softness as any other skin. Professional products applied by professional technicians will keep your leather looking and feeling great for a long period of time which most store bought leather cleaners and conditioners provide immediate relief but end up causing long term damage to your leather. At Carpet Cleaning Alpharetta Service, we use a superior system to clean and moisturize your leather we can also provide optional protector for your leather.

Some questions you may ask:

Q. Can you remove stains from leather?

A. We use cleaning agents designed specifically to remove various types of stains, such as coffee, oil, and ink. The effectiveness of any stain removal procedure depends on what was spilled as well as the type of leather. Attempts to remove a stain can sometimes exacerbate a problem. We will advise you during inspection as to whether it is recommended to attempt to remove a particular spot.

Q. What types of leather can be cleaned?

A. Most leather furniture sold today is protected. We clean not only protected leather, but also aniline and suede as well.

Q. How often should leather furniture be cleaned?

A. The frequency of cleaning depends on its use. Leather furniture that is frequently used should be cleaned annually, bi-annually for high use. Leather cleaning is similar to washing and waxing a vehicle - the more frequently the better. Removing body and food oils and ground-in soil will only help to retain the furniture's appearance.

Q. Can you remove odor from leather?

A. Yes! The most common odors are smoke and pet urine. We can successfully remove both using ozone and deodorizers.

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